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Start Date: 5th March 2024
Duration: 6 Weeks
Price: $299
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Welcome to our Online Humour Writing Course

Have you ever wondered how to make your readers laugh through your writing? Maybe you want to know how to write a comedy novel or poems but don’t know how? In that case, this Course is for you! Over six weeks, you will learn how to write jokes and puns, funny dialogue, and comedy poetry. You will also learn how to publish your writing. This Course is designed for any writer, regardless of skill or form. Whether you want to write comedy poems, short stories, or a novel, the advice provided in this Course is useful.

Expert Instructors and Global Access

There’s nothing to fear; while Creative Writing NZ is based in New Zealand, our Humour Writing course is open to students anywhere (no matter your plane of existence). Learn from the best, regardless of your location. Students will complete a written assignment each week to be assessed by their dedicated online tutor. Personalised feedback will be provided, helping students stay on track with the course lessons and providing updates on their progression throughout the course.

Continued Access to Course Materials

Even after the course concludes, students have lifetime access to the course materials. This allows for easy reference and the opportunity to revisit lessons whenever a little refresher is needed.

Limited Availability: Enrol Today

Due to high demand, we recommend early registration to secure your spot and avoid missing out.

What to Expect Week to Week

Week 1: The Basics of Comedy and Writing
The first lesson teaches you how to start writing comedy. You will learn key creative techniques concerning structure and show, don’t tell. You will also learn about the different types of comedy.

Week 2: Writing Jokes and Puns
The second lesson teaches you how to write jokes and puns. You will learn how to structure jokes to make your readers laugh, and how to use wordplay for comedic effect.

Week 3: Funny Dialogue
The third lesson teaches you how to write comedic dialogue. You will learn how to use dialect in your dialogue and how to effectively characterise.

Week 4: Humour and Genre
The fourth lesson teaches you how to write genre comedy. You will learn how to write comedy in horror and how to write a romantic comedy. You will also learn how to pace your comedy. 

Week 5: Comedy Poems
The fifth lesson teaches you how to add humour to your poetry. You will learn how to write poetic dialogue and how to write metafictional poetry.

Week 6: Editing, Improving, and Publishing
The final lesson teaches you how to edit and publish your comedy. You will learn how to proofread and copyedit. You will also learn how to find a literary agent to publish your work.

Join Us

Embrace the comedy and develop your humour writing skills. Over six weeks, you’ll explore the essentials of the genre, engage in various exercises, and ultimately complete a creative piece of humour you can proudly call your own. Enrol today and embark on a thrilling journey into the world of humour writing!

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Start Date

5th March


6 Weeks




Alexander Sparrow

About The Tutor

Alexander Sparrow
Alexander Sparrow is an internationally published author. He has published in The Antigonish Review (CAN), and his prize-winning psychological horror short story, Panorama, appears in the collection Spooks, published by Norwich Writers Circle (UK). His story Tarah was longlisted for Fish Publishing’s Short Memoir Prize (IRE). He is also a multi-award-winning comedian – including Best Joke at the Comedy Hub Awards, and Best Show at the Wellington Comedy Awards. Alexander’s original shows have toured New Zealand since 2014. As a short fiction writer, his strengths lie in developing tight story structure and atmosphere-building. As a playwright, he has an ear for dialogue and mood. As a comedian, he has a knack for word economy and humour. As a writing tutor, Alexander will provide precise feedback that helps writers of any skill level to achieve work they can be proud of.