What is a critique?

A critique is a report that will comment on narrative, characterisation, plot, pace, dialogue, style and manuscript faults along with suggestions for improvements.

Please be aware that if you are looking for proofreading, this is a different service. Please take a look here for our proofreading section for further details.


Creative Writing NZ provides a critique service for short stories, poetry, children’s stories, novellas, novels, non-fiction narratives, memoir, flash fiction, screenplays, stage plays and radio plays.

We will read your work objectively and provide a full critical assessment of your manuscript.

If you are new to writing and haven’t taken a creative writing course before, you may wish to check out our online creative writing courses before requesting a critique. Our courses include: beginners creative writing courses, poetry courses, flash fiction and writing for children. If you’d still like a critique, you can find out more about below.

If you’d like a critique, you can email a sample of your manuscript to info@creativewriting.co.nz. Please also state the total word count of your project. We will then read the sample and get back to you with a quote and time frame for completion.

How do I pay?

We can forward you the payment details once we receive your manuscript. Payment is made in advance and on submission of a manuscript.

When will I receive the critique?

The time frame will depend on the length of your manuscript. We can provide you with an estimate when we provide a quote.
We are unable to provide a critique unless we receive the appropriate fee alongside the manuscript.
All correspondence and manuscripts will be treated with the strictest confidence.