Writing For Children Course with Emma Read

With Emma Read. Starting 13/06/2022

Start Date: 13th June 2022


This online writing for children course is suitable for adults who would like to write books for children or young adults.

There are six modules over the course of six weeks. Students will receive weekly notes, tips and assignments to help them. The tutor will read each assignment and the student will receive written feedback on the assignments.

The tutor will email you on the course start date with your first module; please check your Spam/Junk folder for this email.

Module 1: What’s the Big Idea?

An introduction to writing for children, exploring reader age and stage, appropriate themes and topics. Then moving on to ideas – assessing what works using pitching techniques to build on an idea, exploring goal, obstacle and stakes.

Module 2: Heroes and Villains

Character is at the heart of any children’s story. Here, we’ll be looking at what makes a compelling and believable character, and why this is so important for a child reader. We’ll also consider series fiction and how children buy in to strong characters, to make these a success.

Module 3: A Series of Unfortunate Events

In this module we’ll discover how characters drive the plot forward through agency, and search for the story at the heart of it all. We’ll be looking at examples of plot structures in children’s fiction and how to make linear storylines engaging.

Module 4: Saving the World and Surviving School

Next we’ll be taking a deeper dive into how our characters interact with their story, how their wants and needs will be thwarted throughout the plot, creating pace, tension and reader engagement. From saving the world, to surviving the school day, we’ll discover how characters’ goals connect the reader to the work.

Module 5: Show and Tell

A quick look at writing craft techniques for children’s literature, particularly finding a balance in the ‘rule’ of Showing rather than Telling. The module will also introduce the concept of ‘voice’ and how dialogue provides a conduit to your character’s emotion and personality.

Module 6: The Hard Sell

A review of children’s publishing, trends and marketing. How you can get your work noticed amidst a busy time: the new, so-called, golden age of children’s fiction, and the importance of school visits, libraries and festivals.

‘I would absolutely recommend the Writing for Children workshop with Emma Read. I loved every minute of it, there was a freedom in the prompts that encouraged experimentation and what I embraced as a space for playfulness in finding my voice. Emma’s feedback and guidance was constructive, encouraging, and informative. I finished the workshop on a creative high and wished the 6 weeks could have gone on for longer.’ – Heather 

‘I thoroughly enjoyed Emma’s writing course. I learnt a lot and have changed the way I write! She was very encouraging and I find it much more fun to create stories now. All her tips were invaluable and the feedback on the assignments really helped me. The best thing was that each weekly task was quite different, which tested me in different ways.’ – Caroline

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About The Tutor

Emma Read is a children’s author and creative writing mentor and tutor. Her debut novel for young readers, Milton the Mighty, was one of The Times’ Best Children’s Books of 2019. It also won the N. Somerset Teachers Award and was shortlisted for the Bath Children’s Novel Award. Other published works include short stories and flash fiction. Emma provides mentoring to unagented writers and, when possible, also runs in-person workshops for schools, libraries and festivals.


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Course Details

  • Start Date: 13/06/2022
  • Duration: 6 weeks
  • Price: 280 NZD