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Competition Information

We are delighted to announce the results of the Creative Writing NZ Short Story Prize 2024!

The competition has been a huge success and we would like to thank everyone who entered – it certainly was not easy to choose from such a wonderful selection of short stories. The winner and two runners-up were chosen by final judge Lucie Brownlee, from a shortlist of 10 entries.



Matthew Hurt with ‘Hellfire’.



K. Jane May with ‘Cupid’s Remains’.



C.H. Edward with ‘Delilah’.



Tiffany Wagstaff – The Last Run

Sam Szanto – A Piedi Nudi

Graham McDonald – Milky’s Treasure

Kristine Johanson – Passengers

Eartha Davis – eun beinne cómhla

Rod Cookson – The Doughnut of Destiny – a Chrono-shifted Mystery

Katy Knighton – Spotlight



Brandon Keaton – Lost Girl

Cathy Cade – Gas Lighting

Kade Coates – The Last Man on Earth

Brindley Hallam Dennis – Prix Fixe

Scott Winkler – A Couple’s Guide to Racketball and Yoga

Scott Winkler – Winter Squall

Pamela Gough – Just Like My Nan

Glyn Matthews – The Pumpkin that predicted the End of the World

Sean Crawley – Eternal Life

David McVey – Census

Meghan Garrett – What is a Life?

Charlotte Jones – A bright red telephone Box

Martin Jacobs – A Mother’s Worst Nightmare

Martin Jacobs – Regifted

Anders Ross – Eyeglasses for Mr Spong

Jay McKenzie – Camellia

Alfares Al Jabir – Peter Pan doesn’t fly in Baghdad

Marian Matta – Intersection

Wayne Steele – Peanut Butter Murders

Jaime Gill – Things To Talk To Jim About

Christina Esser – Betrayal

CJ Garrow – Quarry


Thank you once again to everyone who entered the Creative Writing NZ Short Story Prize 2024!