A Writer’s New Year Resolutions

As the calendar flips to a new year, writers around the world are not only celebrating the beginning of another chapter in their lives but also setting intentions and resolutions for their literary pursuits. The allure of a fresh start invites writers to reflect on their past accomplishments and envision new possibilities for the future. In this blog post, we will take a look at some common yet transformative New Year resolutions for writers, aiming to inspire and guide wordsmiths as they embark on their creative journey in the coming year.

Committing to Consistent Writing:

One of the most classic resolutions for writers is to establish a consistent writing routine. Whether it’s dedicating a specific time each day or setting weekly word count goals, creating a habit of regular writing can significantly boost productivity. The key is not only to set realistic targets but also to stick to them, cultivating discipline and resilience in the face of distractions or creative blocks.

Exploring New Genres and Styles:

A writer’s growth is often tied to their willingness to step outside their comfort zone. Embracing the challenge of exploring new genres, styles, or forms of writing can lead to unexpected breakthroughs. Whether it’s delving into poetry, experimenting with short stories, or even attempting a screenplay, the diversification of creative output can spark fresh ideas and refine writing skills.

Building a Supportive Writing Community:

Writing can be a solitary endeavour, but the support of like-minded individuals can be invaluable. Joining writing groups, participating in workshops, or connecting with fellow writers on social media platforms can foster a sense of community. Sharing experiences, seeking advice, and celebrating each other’s successes can provide motivation and inspiration throughout the year.

Prioritising Self-Reflection and Revision:

In the excitement of generating new ideas, writers often overlook the importance of revising and refining their work. This year, make it a resolution to prioritise self-reflection and revision. Set aside dedicated time to revisit and polish your manuscripts, recognising that the true magic often happens in the editing process.

Reading Widely and Voraciously:

Reading is the lifeblood of good writing. Writers should resolve to read widely across genres, exposing themselves to diverse writing styles, perspectives, and voices. By expanding their literary palate, writers can gain new insights, enhance their storytelling techniques, and stay connected to the ever-evolving landscape of literature.

Embracing Failure as a Stepping Stone:

Rejection and failure are inevitable companions on the writer’s journey. Rather than viewing them as setbacks, resolve to embrace failure as a natural part of the creative process. Learn to use rejection as a stepping stone for improvement, and let it fuel the determination to persist in the face of adversity.

Setting Realistic Publishing Goals:

A common New Year resolution for aspiring authors is to set realistic publishing goals. Whether it’s submitting a certain number of queries, completing a manuscript, or exploring self-publishing options, having clear objectives can provide direction and motivation. Remember that success in the publishing world often comes from a combination of persistence and resilience.

As writers bid farewell to the old year and usher in the new, these resolutions can become our guiding lights, illuminating our path to a year filled with creativity, growth, and accomplishment. By committing to consistent writing, embracing new challenges, fostering a sense of community, prioritising revision, reading voraciously, embracing failure, and setting realistic publishing goals, writers can navigate the literary landscape with purpose and passion. Here’s to a year of words flowing effortlessly, characters coming to life, and stories that captivate both the writer and the world. Happy writing in the new year!

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